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#1 Best-seller - Now in ENGLISH - eBook & Paperback!
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A letter to Mr. Nikola Tesla

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A letter to Mr. Nikola Tesla,

My love connection with you started almost instantly without even a chance to catch my breath or still my heart. I was first introduced to you while being handed a book, Tesla & me, by DIDIER VAN CAUWELAERT and strongly directed to go straight ahead to a certain page number in the book. I was led to a page where I would read your words as you shared in 2016 to a spiritual medium you trusted and chose to converse with.
My heart and soul swooned as I read all of your words, several times! Deciphering how a luminous grand being can be so illumined and alive, sharing such wisdom's about soaring, expansive, loving life in the Universe, in the cosmos, and how you observe and see our world now. 
You are the quintessential inventor, and with every new idea that was poured through your being, you only wanted to uplift the conditions of all humanity, always for the benefit of mankind!
Your immense caring for us moved me to depths unforeseen up to this point. Pointing the way, in the brilliant way only you can do, on how to love, have more peace, vibrate at a higher level all the while saving and serving this planet and all of its inhabitants. Your compassion for all animals, nature, our trees and your precious pigeons who you served and adored as a delicate loving master, lifted my heart.
You are here with us now, directing us all who have the ears to hear and the eyes to see on the many ways we can improve our current technologies, all the while living in greater expansion of harmony and peace for all. You cared so little about financial gain, consistently choosing equality for all, limitless free energy for all, and abundance for all.
I am so grateful for this inner connection with you, which just continues and grows. The messages you provide in my dreams are so welcomed in joy. Your beauty, your wisdom, your grandeur is alive on all the pages of Tesla & me. Your bring life to this book. I am inspired to record your words, with the music of the spheres you allude to, and they lift me higher
"Become parts of the light. It is music. Light will fill your six senses of perception. See it, breathe it, feel it, touch it. Light particles are notes of music. With a hundred bolts of lightning, you can have an entire sonata. With a thousand bolts of lightning, you will obtain a concert. Numbers and equations are signs that mark the music of the spheres. Feel the rhythm of Life. Knowledge will come from space. Your body must tune into the rhythm of the Universe: your hearing, your sight, your breathe.Talk to the earth, the plants, the stones, the lightning. Talk to the Universe. Lightning is an entity, talk to it, it is brilliant." Nikola Tesla as shared in 2016 to a spiritual medium he trusted~Excerpt from Tesla & me  by DIDIER VAN CAUWELAERT
For those that do not know you yet, I am loving being one of your many champions here on earth. I welcome this~I hear your heart, feel the softness of your being and the delicate and refined way you speak. You are so alive to me and for that I am eternally grateful.
Till we connect again, thank you from my heart to yours for being here with us and for us. I am listening and feel more of us are heeding your call. The reading of Tesla & me will be a glorious start for many.
In appreciation,

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