#1 Best-seller - Now in ENGLISH - eBook & Paperback!
#1 Best-seller - Now in ENGLISH - eBook & Paperback!
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Didier van Cauwelart - "Tesla & me" Author Bio


DIDIER VAN CAUWELAERT, author of "Tesla & me", the English translation of the original French #1 best-seller, Au-delà de l'impossible (Beyond the Impossible) in 2017, has won the Goncourt Prize* (like a Pulitzer Prize) and other literary awards, selling more than five million books translated into thirty languages.

The film "Unknown", starring Liam Neeson and Diane Kruger, was based on his book, "Out of my Head". His most recent works include Jules (2014), Le Dictionnaire de l'impossible (2015) Le Retour de Jules ("Jules' Return", 2017) and the film J'ai perdu Albert ("I Lost Albert", 2018), which he directed, based on his novel of the same name.

Didier has won at least 16 literary awards since 1984, and received two Tony Award nominations. As a prolific author, he has written dozens of novels, and also television scripts. 

[*France's most prestigious literary award — comparable to the "Pulitzer Prize".]