#1 Best-seller - Now in ENGLISH - eBook & Paperback!
#1 Best-seller - Now in ENGLISH - eBook & Paperback!
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Tesla & me - Summary

#1 best-seller, “Tesla & me” - real supernatural chats with Tesla and Einstein, in 2016, on spirituality, science, UFOs, FBI, love & peace, by award-winning French author Didier van Cauwelaert. “Tesla & me” is the English version (with photos) of non-fiction #1 best-seller in France, Au-delà de l'impossible. In 2016, the “spirits” of Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein appeared to two psychic mediums with vital messages for humanity and proof of communications with departed souls. That is the incredible real-life adventure Didier van Cauwelaert found himself caught up in after the French publication of his best-selling Dictionary of the Impossible.

With his meticulous investigative style and his wonderful sense of humor paired with critical distance, van Cauwelaert presents a "how-to guide" to the space-time continuum and the secrets of an inexhaustible supply of free, non-polluting energy. Our entire view of both our world and our future becomes more hopeful as we advance through these revelations, especially from Nikola Tesla—who refuses to give in, either to the censorship of the living or the silence of death. Photos are included in "Tesla & me" that were not in the original French paperback.

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