#1 Best-seller - Now in ENGLISH - eBook & Paperback!
#1 Best-seller - Now in ENGLISH - eBook & Paperback!
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Tesla & me - Our Team

Inspired by "Tesla & me", our team includes Jurriaan Kamp, Publisher; Dr. Alexandra Roberts, Marketing Consultant, and Jeff Peckman, PR Strategist. Didier van Cauwelaert’s #1 best-selling book about Nikola Tesla is proof of communication with departed souls who are still helping humanity. We honor Tesla’s legacy, and this extraordinary book, with commitment, persistence and passion.

Jurriaan Kamp - Publisher of Tesla & me

Jurriaan Kamp, publisher of Tesla & me, is the founder and editor of Ode Magazine, later, The Intelligent Optimist—a magazine focused on bringing better stories, new solutions, and more awareness, hope and optimism to our world.

He has practiced "solutions journalism" for 25 years—first in The Netherlands, his place of birth, and then from California, to provide answers to the challenges faced by people and our planet. That search for solutions inspired Jurriaan to publish Tesla & me, his title for the English translation of a very unusual best-selling book, Au-delà de l’impossible (Beyond the Impossible) by author Didier van Cauwelaert, France’s highly acclaimed and award-winning author.

Dr. Alexandra Roberts, Marketing Consultant, is a former international model, inventor, and holder of numerous U.S. and world patents for her Hot Lashes beauty product line, which has sold over 450,000 beauty kits worldwide over the last 16 years. She holds a Doctorate degree in Spiritual Science and is a Certified Quantum Healer. Alexandra also founded the Ormus line of Luminous Quantum Healing products, for healing and anti-aging on all levels physical and psychological, and for the greater advancement of outer and inner Beauty.

Along her spirit-led path, Alexandra discovered that the brilliance, genius, and spirit of Nikola Tesla has changed her worldview forever, and she is now passionately promoting the book, Tesla & me. She is also co-proponent of a ballot initiative to end suppression of extraordinary technologies invented by Nikola Tesla and others.

Snippets of Nikola Tesla quotations will be recorded in her voice on her link Awakening Cosmic Beauty YouTube channel.

Jeff Peckman - Public Relations

Jeff Peckman - PR strategist, saw that promoting Tesla & me fits his lifelong mission to find solutions to global problems, and his goal to end the suppression of extraordinary technologies through a ballot initiative filed in Ventura County, CA, in September 2018. He is the author of POWER UP – How to Create a Solution-Based World in 100 Days (www.powerupbooks.com), a screenwriter, activist, and was Vice-President of Special Projects for the DaVinci Institute. Jeff’s pioneering initiatives have created headlines worldwide—even setting media records!

  • "The story broke page-view records at DenverPost.com" – Denver Post
  • "Safety through Peace initiative...not only the talk of the town but the talk of the nation." – Denver Daily News
  • "Media outlets literally across the globe have wanted to find out about the 'stress' vote." – KWGN TV